PUBG Mobile: Five best guns for Erangel
PUBG Mobile: Five best guns for Erangel

PUBG Mobile delivers one of the best Battle Royale experiences and is gaining popularity every day.

This leads to increased competition and Erangel , being the original map in the game, sees the maximum amount of action since old timers prefer it.

Considering newcomers might find it difficult to win a chicken dinner here, we bring to you five best PUBG Mobile guns for Erangel.Do you know? All you need to know about Erangel

Erangel is an 8 by 8 forest themed map in PUBG Mobile. It includes densely populated areas, interspersed with woods and vast stretches of grasslands. Due to the balanced terrain, this map encourages mixed gameplay of close, mid and long range encounters.Gun 1 UMP9: This gun is a monster if used well

The UMP9

The UMP9 gun

uses 9mm ammo and has a hit damage of 39. However, the gun makes up for it with a fast rate of fire.

More importantly, the UMP9 spawns commonly as does the 9mm ammo.

When fitted with a vertical foregrip, the UMP9 is extremely stable, thus making it ideal for all the possible kinds of firefights you might be facing in Erangel.Gun 2 M24: If mastered, can make you a winner in Erangel

The M24

 The M24 sniper gun

is the best naturally spawning sniper in the game. With a hit damage of 79, this gun uses 7.62mm ammo.

Erangel’s grassy slopes and open grounds make this sniper extremely well suited for the map.

However, PUBG gamers need to know that sniping on mobiles is tougher, so please choose this weapon only if you are comfortable with the game’s shooting mechanism.Gun 3 M16A4: Close quarters or long range, this gun handles all

The M16A4

M16A4 assault rifle

uses 5.56mm ammo but the gun is specifically deadly due to the three-shot burst mode.

This makes it lethal at close ranges since opponents take three bullets each time players shoot.

When switched to single shot mode, it can double up as a decent long and mid-range weapon, up to 100 meters, making it ideal for the kind of firefights in Erangel.Gun 4 M416: With attachments, this is the best all-rounder across maps

The M416

M416 gun pubg

also uses 5.56mm ammo and has one of the fastest fire rates when it comes to assault rifles.

Incredibly stable over long ranges with almost zero recoil, the only downside to this gun is that it requires multiple attachments before it is completely optimized and ready for diverse use.

Without attachments, the recoil makes this gun useless beyond mid range firefights.Gun 5 MK47 Mutant: The new hard hitting assault rifle

The MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant gun pubg

is the recently added assault rifle in PUBG Mobile and uses 7.62mm ammo.

With hit damage of 49, the two shot burst mode makes this gun lethal in close and mid-range fights that players might face in early and mid stages of their Erangel gameplay.