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PUBG revealed an esports plan for the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the year 2020.


This year PUBG Corp. is going to release a total of four events. It includes three PUBG Global Series (PGS), followed by the PUBG Global Championship (PGC).

The events would take place in April, July, October, and November. Each event features 32 teams, and massive prize pools are supplemented with crowdfunding.

Out of these 32 teams, 28 are decided by the regional qualifiers held in 6 regions, i.e., the Americas, Korea, Japan, China, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The last four slots would be reserved for the top teams of the earlier global event.

PUBG Esports plan

The PGS would run for nine days with three stages. The three phases include the group stage, the elimination stage, and the grand finals. Further, in the group stage, the 32 teams will again be divided into two groups with 16 teams in each group.

The top six teams will directly go to the grand finals, whereas the last two will be eliminated. The balance eight teams will go to the elimination stage where they will battle, and there the top four would advance to the grand finals.

Coming to the next biggest event for the year 2020, PUBG Global Championship, where 16 teams would battle for the crown of 2020 world champion.

As mentioned above, the four teams would be the top four teams of the PUBG Global Series (PGS). The remaining 12 will be decided based on their scores in the PGS event.

The prize for the three PGS events would be $500,000, while the PGC 2020 will feature a prize pool of $2 million. With in-game items, the prize money will go up due to PUBG Corp.’s crowdfunding.

PUBG Corp. has also revised the revenue sharing program for its esports plans in 2020. It has promised that participating teams would receive at least $20,000 for each of the PGS events.

The company also listed out how the PGS item sales would split up:

  • 10% would contribute to the event’s prize pool
  • 10% will go to the participating teams
  • 5% will add to the prize pool of PGC 2020


The first global event for the year is the PUBG Global Series (PGS) in Messe Berlin, Germany. The schedules for the event is as follows:

  • March 31 to April 5: Group and Elimination Stage
  • April 10 to 12: Grand Finals


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