Team Deathmatch and Grenades
Team Deathmatch and Grenades

Changes are coming for throwables, gametypes, Karakin and some of the subtler aspects of the game. PUBG is always listening to what players have to say about the game so they can make it better for everyone. Will any of these new changes affect you?

Team Deathmatch

One of the biggest changes coming to PUBG this time around is the Team Deathmatch game mode. Players will now be able to take part in eight versus eight matches that will be very similar to the classic Team Deathmatch mode in other first-person shooters. Matches will take place in across seven different maps that will be pulled from the various maps that all PUBG players are used to. You will finally be able to respawn after death, so this game type will be perfect for players that are looking for that old school feel.

The boost gauge will also be very different than what players are used to. It will be filled as players gain kills and assists and your health will begin to regenerate after five seconds of no damage. Now, the better you do in the game, the more powerful you will become.

Grenade Changes

The next big change coming along in PC Update 6.2 will be in the grenade department. There is a lot that has been done to rework how grenades work. First off, vest durability is not reduced when taking damage from a frag. More or less damage will be done depending on the level of the vest that a player is wearing. Frags will also now deal 20% less damage to players that are prone, so hit the deck when you hear a frag land. Frags will now take up 27 inventory capacity, instead of 18 and the sound of the pin being pulled has been increased.

Smoke grenades only have one small change. Their fuse time has been decreased from three seconds to one second.

Stun grenades now have a larger hit radius and the ringing sound will now effect players through walls. Players that are hit will now experience a shaking screen as well. Finally, the Molotov Cocktail now has an increased speed. Fire from this explosive will spread 50% faster than usual. Its damage radius has been increased as well. The fire will also spread around trees much faster and more accurately. So good luck hiding from the fire.

Karakin Changes

Karakin has been undergoing adjustments to better suit players. The G36C and MP5K have been added to the map for more weapon variety. First aid kits and boost items have been increased around the map as well. Blue zone effects have also been adjusted to allow players to see through it a little easier. The distortion effect has been removed along with the top wall being lowered. The edge of the blue zone is now more clearly defined so you will know if you need to move away a little faster.

Will these changes affect you? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp