PUBG’s MP5K might receive a nerf in the near future, according to a comment made Thursday by community manager Lumos.

Lumos’ comment came in response to a thread on the PUBG Console subreddit complaining about the MP5K’s upcoming introduction to Karakin. The original poster claimed the MP5K had dominated Vikendi, where it had previously been a map-exclusive weapon, and that it would likely do the same on Karakin once introduced.

PUBG MP5K Nerf Potentially Inbound According to Community Manager

“This has been sent through to the team and is under discussion,” Lumos responded later that day. “Thanks for everyone’s feedback on this.”

The MP5K left PUBG’s active weapon rotation when Vikendi was removed at the start of Season 6. PUBG Corp plans to revive the weapon on Karakin with Update 6.2, alongside Vikendi’s other map-exclusive weapon, the G36C, to shift the map’s engagements to closer ranges.