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PUBG Mobile: Zombie Mode Darkest Night tips?

PUBG MOBILE darkest night
PUBG MOBILE darkest night

What is darkest night mode and how to survive from jumping zombies, here is the full guide to survive in PUBG mobile zombie mode

This is the best and most challenging game mode you have ever seen on mobile games—Zombie Mode. There has always been a repetitive feeling when killing zombies in video games. Whether you’re playing Call of Duty or Killing Floor, there is a point where you conquer the challenge.

There are not just tricky zombies to contest with, but environmental obstacles to contend with. Before standing on the roof was a great strategy, now it will get you killed.When the night starts a noxious gas is emitted by the zombies, meaning you have to stay inside. This means you will have to fight zombies in close quarters, which is the zombie’s territory. You can no longer pick zombies off as they struggle to make it to the roof, meaning different tactics are needed to survive.

Stay Close with Your Squad. 

Zombie Mode Darkest Night tips

There are certain bonuses which apply to the Darkest Night game mode. Some of these bonuses include increased damage for being near teammates others involves receiving health on kill. But seeing as you can die by noxious gas setting foot outside for too long, it makes sense to have our team close by.

Arrange your shots. 

If you set up in a house with a teammate, and you are both covering the main choke point in the room, then you should time your shots. If you and your teammate are both shooting, then you will both be reloading at the same time. You want to shoot all your bullets and then have your teammate shoot while you are reloading.

Always pick a good Spot. 

Although you don’t get any choice over which area of the map, you spawn in. You do, however, get to choose what house you make your stand in. Be sure to choose a house which has windows or balconies to jump from and only one staircase up to the second floor.

And Above the ground, Under the Roof. 

Zombie Mode Darkest Night tips

Once again, you can’t get on the roofs because of noxious gas, but you do not want to be at ground level. The ground floor has multiple doors and ways to enter the property, making it harder to cover. If you go upstairs, you can focus your fire on the staircase.

Never count on looting.

 After playing several games in this mode, I can safely say picking up a good weapon is rare. Instead, I always seem to see shotguns, SMGs and pistols – all weapons I wouldn’t touch in the regular PUBG mode. If you are missing your headshots, then you will really struggle here. As far as I can tell, there are two zombie modes for a good reason. One is too easy for experienced accurate players and one is too hard for casual novices. Don’t go into the Darkest Night and expect to be good. Expect to get bad guns and for zombies to whoop you a new one, only then will you succeed.

Never Corner Yourself. 

As soon as you stand still in a corner, you are as good as dead. If you keep weaving through the hoards of zombies that flood into your room, then you’ll never get stuck. When you get stuck, you will have a line of zombies filing in to make sure you never move again. If you do manage to get stuck, don’t panic and aim for the head.


  1. Hello rarely I find him talking about this topic I was addicted to playing the zombie mode the darkest of the night I think that the most difficult situation was in the pubg I hope the company will return the zombies to us and especially the darkest night mode