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PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for Android, iOS: 7 new tips you should follow to get that chicken dinner

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks
PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

PUBG Mobile has received a number of new updates recently and these new tips and tricks will help you win a Chicken Dinner every time.

PUBG Mobile has seen many competitors but it has still managed to maintain the top spot in the list of battle royale mobile games available. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground runs on both Android and iOS platforms and it even has a Lite version that can function well on smartphones having less RAM. With such a huge user base, players often look for some tips and tricks that can help them win a Chicken Dinner. However, due to the number of updates rolled out, these tips often start to fade away. So, here are some tips and tricks that will work regardless of the number of updates the game receives. 

Pick the right moment to jump

The way you start a match plays a major role in deciding the fate of the end of the match. PUBG Mobile requires the players to jump at just the right time to ensure a perfect landing at the place the player wants to be. Apart from looking for how many people are left on-board, the players should also look for a place where they might find good loot without needing to pick up a fight as soon as they land. This means you should avoid locations like Pochinki, where you might get good loot but there are high chances that you will die as soon as you land. 

Fall with high speed

In PUBG Mobile, once a player jumps off the aircraft, they feel that the freefall does not matter. However, it plays a major role. You can improve the speed of your free fall by pushing the controller forward while leaning it towards left or right. One should always aim at hitting the highest free-fall speed, which is capped at 220Km/h. While pushing at the highest speed, you also need to worry about the direction you are headed towards.

Pick the right weapon, equipment

PUBG Mobile has a plethora of weapons in-game, which means you have a wide range of weapons and types of equipment to choose from. One might go in for AK-47 thinking that is the best rifle. It does not work that way. The type of weapon you pick depends on the type of fight you are looking forward to. If you are looking for close-range fights, an SMG or a shotgun should do the trick. If you are planning to shoot enemies from some distance, then you should opt for a rifle. However, if you are planning on sitting at one place and looking all across the place, then you should pick up something like Kar-98 with 8x Zoom scope. 

Also, as the game allows you to carry two major weapons and a pistol, you should choose the combination wisely. Picking up two Kar-98s will definitely get you killed at one pint. With a rifle or a shotgun, you should always prefer carrying an SMG.

Loot crates the right way

As soon as you spot a crate in PUBG Mobile, you will have the urge to run towards it. However, that might get you killed. First, you should look around the crate to see if anyone else is coming for the loot. Also, scope at nearby buildings to see if you can spot someone. Once that is done, head over to the crate and lie down while grabbing the loot. By lying during the looting process, you will reduce the chances of dying.

Make use of the grenades

Becoming a master at rifles can help but until you start using grenades, you will not be able to play like a pro. Grenades play an essential role in battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. If you spot an enemy standing near a window but cannot get a clear shot, just throw a nade or Molotov to make him shift from his location. Even if you do not get a clear shot, you might wound or kill them using the grenade.

Find your strong point

When playing with a squad, you should find your strong point and stick to it. If you are good at snippers, request your squad to allow you to do the sniping. Also, you should prefer going to locations that are familiar to you as you know where you can hide at the time of an attack. If you feel you are a good leader, then you should be probably one guiding your team into winning the match.

Keep looking for the flare gun

PUBG Mobile added a flare gun in the game back in 2018. The gun basically allows the player to call in a personal airdrop. While the gun calls for the supplies, it also ends up intimidating your enemy as they can see too. You can use this to your advantage. Call in for supplies by firing the flare gun and wait for someone to come near the loot crate as long as you can. In the meantime, you can hide in a nearby building and get a clear shot at the enemy. Additionally, if you’re outside the play zone you can use the flare gun to call in an armoured car.

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