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PUBG Mobile: New UC currency Diamonds in PUBG


What is the purpose of new PUBG Mobile currency

How to buy skins with diamonds in PUBG Mobile

Free Diamonds in PUBG Mobile

The day from the release of PUBG Mobile ,we all aware of the use of UC .its purpose, UC is basically used in PUBG Mobile for opening crates, upgrading weapon skins and levelling up your vehicles and weapons. But, Tencent has introduced another new currency in the game which will probably surprise us

In the new 0.80.0 beta version of PUBG Mobile, developers have added various new features in the game, and along with this, they have also spotted a new Diamond currency in PUBG Mobile. After reading the name, the majority of the players will get confused, and a bunch of questions will arise in their mind.

Introduction to PUBG Mobile Diamond currency

Following this latest addition, this article will cover everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s new Diamond currency, along with its uses and how to collect them.

Diamonds UC in PUBG Mobile are the new in-game currency which can be used for various purposes. When PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Beta update got released, a bunch of testers spotted it first while playing the training section. Unlike UC Cash, the diamonds can be collected for free by completing simple tasks and missions. Located in the top right corner, players can see the number of diamonds they have in their account.

How you can get free Diamonds in PUBG Mobile?

You required to complete a set of missions or tasks in PUBG Mobile to collect free diamonds in the game. For example, Stay in the Training section for at least 10 minutes to get 30x Diamonds. As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to get them for free, and players can earn as much they want without even spending a single buck.

As for now, players can see the list of missions in the Training tab by navigating to daily challenges tab. Afterwards, a particular amount of diamonds will be given upon the completion of respective tasks.

What is the use of Diamonds in PUBG Mobile?

The diamonds in PUBG Mobile can be used to ban certain items while opening the crate. For instance, there are ten different items available during the opening of the classic crate. Out of 10, there are four items which are already available in the user inventory or he doesn’t want them out of the box.

In that case, with the help of diamonds, players can avoid unwanted items while opening the crate. However, the number of diamonds to spend will also increase with the number of things you want to ban.

The upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update will bring several new features and modes in the game. It includes Miramar 2.0 Map, Safety scramble and artic snow mode with a bunch of other new additions. Refer to the article list below, to read the complete list of changes.


Cold front survival is new mode in pubg mobile releasing on 16-04-2020 new update coming soon

PUBG Mobile announced it will roll out a new “Cold Front Survival” mode on April 16. The teaser image reveals a winter-themed background which is confusing since it’s almost summers now.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t shared any more details of this new mode but it had been leaked in the past, and through a beta version of china, News18 reported. Going by this leak, Cold Front Survival will be available in Vikendi mode and it will be a survival mode. Here, the goal is expected to be for players to survive the cold and harsh weather.

According to players from china this mode will have drones as we can see in feature image below by official PUBG Mobile (drones like in COD Mobile game)

Some activities players will have to do include gathering wood to light a fire, and hunting for animals to survive. Players will also be warned of incoming cold waves, and they will be given preparation time for it. There’s also a teaser image of Cold Front Survival which hints at a heating pack item. This would presumably be one of the items required by players to survive the cold weather.

Another teaser of this mode showed drones in the picture. This has also been leaked before and PUBG Mobile could debut drones with the launch of Cold Front Survival. Players will be able to use drones to scan the area and look for enemies, weapons and equipment. Call of Duty: Mobile already allows players to use a drone for surveillance from the mechanic class in battle royale mode.

More details of this new PUBG Mobile mode will be available when it rolls out on April 16.