royal pass free

We have one new trick to unlock Royal pass season 12 and Falcon in PUBG Mobile , you don’t need to spend money but you have to play some matches to win Falcon follow our guide step by step to achieve the falcon companion

Lets start : Falcon cost around 2k UC in PUBG Mobile but by playing bonus rounds you can easily win 1000 UC to purchase falcon which is on discount as you can see below just 500 UC

Falcon pubg mobile
Falcon pubg mobile

2.Next page will open like image below click on bonus challenge


3.Now select TDM warehouse match or any other match you want to play and win bonus points in exchange from that match you can see how much points you can win near every match and then you can easily redeem those points in UC

How To Unlock Royal pass and Falcon Companion In PUBG Mobile New Trick April 2020 PUBG FORUM

tdm match

4.So by winning 4 TDM match you can earn 960 UC and buy royal pass or anything you need like skins and falcon . But you need battle coins to register on every match


How to earn battle coin to register for bonus challenge points in PUBG Mobile ?

Comeback to home screen and click on third icon next to start (bag of money with question mark)


click on redeem button now you can see batte coin redeem page and for 1000 battle coin you will get 100 UC and for 5000 you will get 500 UC just scroll below and you will find bonus challenge voucher you can get for 100 battle coins

I hope you like this guide comment below if yiu like it and most of people with royal pass these days are using this trick to buy royal pass for free