we have collected nearly 40 legendary items with 2 mythics in PUBG Mobile and opened nearly 300+ crates which include premium and classic crates. but you have to follow our guide to do same and we didn’t spent anything and haven’t purchased any royal pass either

  1. In every season try to achieve diamond (1000 silver) or above so that you can get free silver frags.
  2. Don’t waste silver frags and purchase premium and classic coupons from shop section. Daily you can get 5 from each section.
  3. Combine them and open 10 premium crates everytime new items arrive.
  4. Other than that buy one legendary trench coat worth 850 silver frags. You will get helmet skin after buying it.
  5. Rest depends on your time when you open crates.Try to open crates in the morning from 6–10 and in the evening from 7-9.
  6. You can try that tap tap technique when you tap for a minute on legendary items because it might draw something good.
    1. But let me tell you honestly, every time you open crate output comes according to pubg algorithms which they applied. I have tested this theory with multiple ids.
    2. But the catch is some get good items from those legendary items where as some get silly ones. Now that all depends on your luck. But it’s sure that algorithm won’t allow you to get anything good frequently if you are not spending UC. I have tested this theory.
  7. Last thing don’t waste your BP use it to buy 25 silver frags daily from shop.
  8. Combine and enjoy!

Check stuff which I got and everything is free, haven’t spent even a single paisa.

Trench coat photo:

Gun Skins:

Vehicle skins:

Parachute skins:


Too many emotes, lots of shirts, pants, shoes and total 30 gun skins are available as well.💪😊

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