PUBG mobile: How to get free UC 2020
PUBG mobile: How to get free UC 2020

PUBG Mobile have 2 methods to get free UC


1. Official Pubg Mobile gives out some redeem codes which you can redeem on in redeem section

To get redeem codes you can Google it because many sites provide them.

2.) Through bonus challenge in the game itself

You can play bonus challenge through which you can get battle coins and with those battle coins you can buy 100 UC or 300 UC pack for free

How to get free UC

Click here 👇🏻

Then here

You will see this tab

Then click on redeem reward

Now with battle coins you can buy UC free of cost.


There is one way to get free UC in PuBG for a very long time.But, for that you need to spend Rs. 800 once.

This 800 bucks will give you 600+60 Ucs. total 660 UCs. You can buy Elite Royal pass for 600 UCs which will Unlock whole lot of cards, moves, apparels, coupons and UCs as well if you complete the weekly missions.

Please take a look at a screenshot below

as you can see in the above picture Elite royal pass will give you 30 UCs after every 5th RP. if you do all missions in 8 weeks (i.e., by the end of season) you will get your 600 UCs back which you can use in next season to buy Elite royal pass again. repeat same process in the next season as well to get your money back as well as some cool apparels and moves to show off in your squad


PUBG Trick For Free UC – VPN TRICK

T his is the latest PUBG VPN Trick. In this trick, we will take benefit of external regional offers and claim the rewards. It is a very simple trick and you do not have to do anything for getting the benefits of the offer. All you need to do is log in to your account using the location of the place where the offer is valid. You can manipulate the region using a virtual private network or VPN. Here are the simple steps to get PUBG UC free in 2020.

  1. Download a VPN application from the Google Play Store
  2. Now use it to connect to the Taiwan server
  3. Now simply log into your PUBG account from this IP address.
  4. As soon as the application opens, a banner of the offer will be displayed on the screen and you can click on it to get free PUBG UC.
  5. The region keeps on changing from time to time and this is why you must keep an eye on all the latest trick that is posted on our website.