new map karakin pubg logo
new map karakin pubg logo

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still one of the biggest games in the world, and now developer PUBG Corp. is giving fans more reasons to return. As part of the launch of its Season 6 content, the studio is adding a new map along with a fresh battle pass and explosive device.

PUBG Season 6 begins January 22 on PC. It launches for console a week later on January 30. The highlight feature is the Karakin map, which is a tiny 2 kilometers on each side. This makes it a quarter of the size of Sanhok, the previous smallest map. And unlike PUBG’s previous arenas, the developer is capping out Karakin at 64 players.

This should make all the map’s matches both fast and furious.Recommended VideosPowered by AnyClipGiant Iceberg Threatens Tiny Greenland VillageVideo Player is loading.PauseUnmuteDuration 0:31Toggle Close Captions/Current Time 0:10Loaded: 39.40% FullscreenUp Next

But Karakin isn’t just scary because it’s going to shove too many sardines into a can. Said can is also going to explode. Karakin introduces new black zone strikes. These are similar to the red zones that shell the various PUBG maps with small explosives. In black zones, however, much larger missiles crash down with enough force to take out structures.

If you are hiding in a building inside of a black zone … well, you shouldn’t do that. A missile could destroy the roof and crush you under girders and cement. And you can’t win a chicken dinner if you are dead under girders and cement.

Karakin also gets an exclusive sticky bomb weapon that can breach certain walls. This enables your team to go full SWAT on hiding enemies. Later in Season 6, PUBG Corp. plans to release a new rocket launcher as well.


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