Twitch and PUBG are at it again with in-game drops. This time, Twitch is teaming up with PUBG to reward Prime users with pilot and wild west-themed cosmetics. 

Available until Feb. 27, the PUBG pilot crate can be redeemed by Twitch Prime users right now. Among other things, players can obtain a B-3 Bomber Jacket, Captain’s hat, and Golden Aviator Glasses. 

The Gunslinger loot is not yet available, but once it is, Twitch Prime users will have until March 26 to redeem the package that comes complete with a formal jacket and a black cowboy hat as well as engraved skins for a couple of guns. 

This isn’t the first time Twitch Prime and PUBG have teamed up for in-game drops. The Twitch Prime drops in PUBG have been coming steadily for the past two years, despite the game being usurped as the top battle royale on the platform by Fortnite.

Previous Twitch Prime in-game loot collections for the game include the Spa Day crate, Jungle Crate, and Prime Day crate featuring deadmau5. 

The process to claim the loot is fairly simple. All you need to do is log into your Twitch account, click the crown in the upper right corner labeled “Twitch Prime Loot,” and find the “PUBG: Pilot Crate” section. Once you’ve confirmed your account information, the loot goes straight to your account and you can fulfill your lifelong dream of being a pilot.