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Fans are wondering whether or not we’ll be getting a secret Fortnite event to end Season 1. Here’s everything we know.

Fortnite players have been eagerly awaiting any news of Season 2, which should be coming out February 20 (fingers crossed). Unfortunately, it’s been slim pickings in terms of official updates.

Even the leaks have been dry, with the only information involving a possible rapid-fire SMG that may or may not be coming next week. Outside of that, we have nothing.

Fans are looking to this weekend with some optimism, however. This is the last weekend before the new season, which usually means that an event will take place.

It’s already Thursday, though, and we haven’t seen a countdown, tease, or anything else that indicates we’ll be getting a season-ending event. What’s more, there hasn’t been any season-long buildup that would lead us to believe that something’s on its way.

There is one piece of information that we can hold onto, however. Earlier in the week, we covered a clue that one Fortnite player discovered outside of Holly Hedges. They found the name ‘Noah’ written into the landscape.

When you combine this with Fortnite’s focus on the water in Chapter 1, along with the ominous dam in the corner of the map, it’s easy to draw a line to a potentially cataclysmic flood to end the season.

Via: u/jtlambert

Consequently, the biblical storm in the Noah’s Ark story reportedly began on February 17. This is, of course, an estimate, but one that could line up with the schedule of Fortnite Season 1.

The dam could bust on Monday, February 17, and flood the map until the new season begins on February 20. Another option is that the dam could burst on Saturday and leak until next Thursday.

Yes, we’re grasping at straws, but this is all the information we have to work with. We can only hope that Epic surprises us all with an event over the weekend, but that might be expecting too much.


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