fortnite chapter2
fortnite chapter2

Dust 2 is one of the most famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps – or should I say Fortnite?

Famed creative collective Team Evolve has recreated the FPS game’s Middle Eastern map in Fortnite, and it looks rather impressive. As our sister site The Loadout reports, Evolve used only the tools available in Fortnite’s Creative mode to make the map, which is set to be released soon. You’ll even be able to play Search and Destroy for the full CS:GO experience, as well as Team Deathmatch, FFA Deathmatch, and Gun Game. Desert eagle pistols will be included – though wall-banging is not possible due to Fortnite’s existing code.

There’s no definite release date for the unofficial Fortnite-CS:GO crossover just yet, but it’s likely to be days rather than weeks until we can all give it a try. Evolve also says it will look into recreating other CS:GO maps in Fortnite if the reception for this is positive; it cites Inferno and Mirage as the two maps top of its wishlist.


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