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Monday, February 17, 2020

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds News

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PUBG announces Global Series 2020 & Global Championship 2020 with $5000000 prize pool

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PUBG Season 6 & New Map Karakin Now Available on Consoles

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National PUBG League: More Changes for Competition in 2020

Powered by Minute Media With the year of PUBG Esports nearing its start, there are a lot of changes going on with the teams that are involved.

PUBG: Some Countries Tried To Ban PUBG Mobile Many Times But Games Are “Technically”...

Some countries have tried to ban PUBG, but to no avail, the multiplayer game is going strong as ever. The most talked-about game of 2018, is all-time popular.

Coronavirus fears lead PUBG and to reschedule China games

While china's general public is gaming a more recently as the novel coronavirus keeps people at home esports professionals who have to play in public arenas are seeing league games and tournaments being postpon

PUBG Unveils New Esports Plans For 2020

This year PUBG Corp. is going to release a total of four events. It includes three PUBG Global Series (PGS), followed by the PUBG Global Championship (PGC).


Electronic Arts Inc forecast fourth-quarter revenue below analysts' estimates, weighed down by the delayed launch of its basketball title NBA Live, while its Apex Legends battles Fornite and PUBG to attract young gamers.
UBG Corp. had previously offered an early look at PUBG esports scene in 2020. New details about the PUBG Global Series have been announced. In 2020, PUBG will get a total of 4 global esports events, out of which, three will be PGS events and the final event will be PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2020. A total 32 teams will compete in each PGS event. Among them, the top four teams from the most recent global tournament will automatically qualify for the next event. The remaining 28 slots will be filled by teams participating in the regional qualifiers in one of the six regions, including Korea, China, Japan, Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Each PGS event will run for a total of 9 days and consist of three stages- Group Stage, Elimination Stage, and Grand Finals. Out of the 21 teams in the Group Stage, top 12 teams will progress to the Grand Finals. Elimination Stage will offer an opportunity to 4 additional teams to qualify for the Grand Finals. PGC kicks off its first event in Berlin, which begins on March 31 and goes on until April 12. The schedule for PGS: Berlin is mentioned below: March 31 to April 5- Group Stage and Elimination Stage April 10 to April 12- Grand Finals A total of 16 teams will battle it out at PGC 2020. The top 4 teams from the 3rd PGS event will be selected automatically for PGC and the remaining 12 slots will be occupied by the highest ranked teams in the Grand Finals of all PGS events based on the sum of their points. PUBG Corp. has claimed that every participating team in PGS will get a minimum of $20,000. Each PGS event will have a prize pool of $500,000 and PGC 2020 will have a prize pool of $2,000,000. Along with these, Pick’Em Challenge will return in 2020 with even more PGS items. For every PGS event, 25% of PGS item sales will be shared with participating teams, out of which 10% will be contributed to the event prize pool, 10% will be distributed to participating teams, and 5% will contributed for the prize pool of PGC 2020.

PUBG Corp. Announces Additional Details about PUBG Global Series

PUBG Corp. had previously offered an early look at PUBG esports scene in 2020. New details about the PUBG Global Series have been announced. In 2020,

PUBG Reconnect 3K: What is the Error and How to Fix

PUBG Reconnect 3K is a recent error loading screen which seemed to start back in December after an update. If you scan the PUBG subreddit, you'll see multiple comments about a reconnect post.

PUBG and Twitch release new Pilot and Gunslinger-themed Prime loot

Twitch and PUBG are at it again with in-game drops. This time, Twitch is teaming up with PUBG to reward Prime users with pilot and wild west-themed cosmetics.

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