Here we are, it is finally Valentine’s day, the day most awaited by lovers around the world and the one most hated by … well, everyone else. And it could never be missing Fortnite to the list of video games that celebrate this anniversary? Obviously not, and so the shop dresses up with many themed skins.

It starts immediately from Candyman, an epic 1500 V-Bucks costume that will transform you into a heart-shaped candy man … can you imagine something more mellow? Perhaps the Bear Force One skin, which will give you a teddy bear look, and it also costs 1500 V-Bucks. Still on the subject of bears, we also find Cuddle Team Leader, legendary 2000 V-Bucks skin

The various costumes are Matching to the Heart Beater pickaxe, in the case of Candyman, and to the Cuddle Paw pickaxe and the glider Cuddle Cruiser, in the case of the Cuddle Team Leader. Finally we also find the Cuddle Camo cover.

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As regards the Daily Sales we find others for sale instead Valentine’s skin, such as Love Ranger, Crusher, EX, Lovethorn, Pinkie and Skully. The Harley Quinn bundle and the Metal Masq and Metal Mouth set are also still available.

Finally, we find four ballets: True Heart, Kiss Kiss, Daydream and True Love. In short, with what romantic gesture will you spend your hard-earned V-Bucks?

In the meantime, while we are all waiting for the Fortnite 11.51 update, here is a user who discovers yet another Fortnite bug. Find all the information on our website.


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