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Best Settings for PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is hugely successful, but the nature of releasing a shooter game on mobile devices means some sacrifices are made when it comes to controls. What PUBG Mobile does have is a host of options to improve your experience in-game, and possibly even get you better results in your matches.00:3301:51

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

  • Graphics – Smooth
  • Frame Rate – Extreme
  • Style – Colorful
  • Brightness – 150 percent
  • Non-Standard Screens – Normal
  • Auto-Adjust Graphics – Enabled

These settings will allow you to get the smoothest possible experience in the game, allowing you to react in the fastest possible time to what is happening on the screen. The Colorful style option will make it easier to pick out details on the screen, such as spotting players.

PUBG Mobile Basic Settings

  • Aim Assist – Disabled, rely on your own aim and decision making to improve
  • Peak and Fire – Enabled, allows you to lean out from behind cover
  • Peak and Open Scope – automatically opens scope when you lean
  • Lean Mode – Tap, allows you to tap to lean, then tap again to lean back into cover.
  • Scope Mode – Tap
  • Scope On – Always on, allows you to control recoil by moving the phone
  • Auto-open doors – Enabled
  • Play Emote – Enable
  • Healing Prompt – Enabled
  • Jump/Climb – Combine
  • 1st Person Perspective Camera View – Maxed, allows you to see more of the game world

PUBG Mobile Controls

It is a good idea to play some games with each control scheme, then pick the one that feels more natural to you. Controlling shooters with a touchscreen can feel a little odd, so be sure to try them all before making a decision.

Pick Up

In the Pick Up, set weapons you like to use a lot to automatically pick up more ammo than the weapons you don’t like. This will save you from having to dump ammo during a game for weapons you don’t like, as it will not pick up ammo past that limit, allowing you to carry more ammo for your preferred weapons.


Pick the crosshair and color combinations that you like the most.

While some of these settings will take a little getting used to, they should also improve your experience in the game, and make surviving gunfights easier.